Year In Review –> 2016

Now that all of our family should have received their snail mail versions, I am okay to post. For the first time in many, MANY years, I did not send out Christmas cards and I did NOT design my own newsletter. Gasp. I know. Time this year just got away from me, so the family

Grateful Friday

1. The financial ability to take a stress-free vacation to Hawai’i and it was all covered by cash. 2. Safe travels, to and from Hawai’i and around the islands. 3. Big dreams and a husband that wants to help them come true. 4. A munchkin who likes to cook and takes over dinner. 5. A

Miscellaneous Monday

We leave for Hawaii on Wednesday y’all. Nothing is packed and my house is a disaster zone. Breathe, Lacey.   I finally got my main 2017 race schedule ironed out and paid for. So far, there is one local race and three travel races. I’ll probably pick up a couple more local races along the

Grateful Friday

1. Twelve more days until vacation! 2. Celebrating two years in remission! 3. Yoga, even if I am sore. 4. Safe travels, another week of lots of miles. 5. Seat heaters and remote start, it was COLD outside today.

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