Illegal use of a shopping cart!?


I posted this tweet yesterday…

“Umm…ok. Remind me not to ride the carts around the parking lot anymore, I don’t want to get arrested :)”

And then just had to push my luck last night! Think this counts as illegal use of a shopping cart!? We weren’t arrested, but did get a few strange looks from the older, Benz drivers of Destin :).

3 Responses

  1. How fun is this! I didn’t know it was illegal either.. Back in the day my friend Jill used to push me all around the grocery in a cart, and we’d be laughing our butts off it was so much fun!

    That doesn’t look like a burger, it looks better than a burger, what is that?

    I like your self portrait!

    And your teacher gifts are amazing!

  2. I suppose it is better to be arrested for cart riding than all the rest of illegal things…so if you are going to spend time behind bars…. :0)


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