Just Us 3


Lacey, a.k.a. well, “Lacey” or “Me, myself & I” is a 30-something Air Force wife, mommy, creative, photographer and volunteer among many other things. Faith is number one in my life and without it, this journey would be much harder. I am currently in my 9th year of surviving leukemia and completed a 6 month round of FCR chemo in 2014. I am an all around girl geek, runner, and adrenaline junkie. Born and raised in Texas, I long for the lost days of long horse rides in cowboy boots and a cowgirl hat (not really, I have only ridden a horse once in my life). I do miss cowboys in tight Wranglers though! I am a little sarcastic (okay, a lot), a smidge serious, and a bit funny. 18 years ago a sexy guy with a great butt swept me off my feet and out of Texas (temporarily). As you can say, the rest is history.


Bryan, a.k.a. “Bry” or “Dork” (only permissible from me) is a 30-something Air Force SNCO, husband extraordinaire and Daddy of the year. In his few moments of free time, he enjoys running, mountain biking, paintballing, 3D printing, hacking “things”, and spoiling me. He is the bread to my butter and the sugar to my spice. My best friend and soul mate.


Jacey, a.k.a. “J”, “baby girl” or “brat” (no getting offended, she IS a military brat after all) is our wild, crazy, boisterous, helpful, loving 16 year old. She keeps us sane and drives us insane in the same token. She’s a “too smart for her own good” gifted student, cross country runner, and makeup addict. She’s our miracle baby and we couldn’t imagine a day without her!