12 Years Later | Dear Cancer

Yesterday was National Cancer Survivor’s Day and I missed it. Oh well, I am surviving EVERY day!

Dear Cancer,

In 2008, you reared your ugly head. I always knew you would. Eventually. At 28 it was daunting to hear. I went from a wife and mom just living her life, to being scared and constantly plastering fake smiles to my face.

Eventually, you just became the norm. I lived life among the doctor’s appointments, tests, and visits with the vampires. I even smiled, for real.

Then, you decided to try and beat me. You took my energy and normal functioning. I was no longer capable of living a normal life and I wasn’t going to stand for that. It was time to send you packing.

In 2014, I became the bionic woman in anticipation for chemo. I was scared. Again. But determined to win.

And win I did. You put up a good fight. Fighting you gave me 25 extra pounds, extreme back spasms, GI distress, and allergic reactions. It also gave me a stronger faith, both in God and myself. I never doubted that I was strong, only I didn’t know just how strong I was.

In 2017, when I was probably the “healthiest” I have ever been in my adult life, you reared your ugly head again. This time it was a huge shock. Having the word “chronic” in your diagnosis, I should expect occasional visits, I just did not expect such frequent ones.

In 2019, I started a new treatment. You have again put up an epic battle, causing me weight gain, GI distress, fatigue, and allergic reactions, but I am a warrior. I will keep moving forward, living life until a cure is found.

You will NOT win. My spirit is stronger than you.


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