what i’m doing now :: 12.07.14

Currently I am:

Reading: lots of emails that are cluttering up my inbox

Listening to: the power lines behind my house hum because of the chill in the air

Laughing at: nothing, today has not been a great day

Swooning over: new 3 row SUV’s

Doing: cleaning up my inbox and checking a few to dos off the list that I am behind on

Planning: to run tomorrow or Tuesday

Eating: nothing currently, dinner was grilled cheese and tomato soup

Feeling: irritated

Discovering: how few steps a day I take unless I run, I have a love/hate relationship with my Fitbit Flex

Looking at: my messy desk

Wearing: a white tank top and Bryan’s ratty basketball shorts that he has had longer than we have been married

Cooking: I made Italian roast with farfalle pasta for lunch

Wondering: why some people are so self-centered

Trying out: not being so hard on myself


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