what i’m doing now :: 11.19.14

Currently I am:

Reading: NIV Once-a-Day Devotional for Women and Love Does by Bob Goff…yes….still

Listening to: Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray

Laughing at: how Jacey manages to turn every situation into a reason to homeschool…she is totally sold on the idea, I am halfway there

Swooning over: the Samsung NX mini cameras

Doing: home finances, texting my SIL and adding swim lesson time slots to our team website

Planning: menus and grocery lists

Eating: a spoon of peanut butter

Feeling: stuffy….this cold needs to take a hike

Discovering: how much I can get accomplished if I stay away from Facebook

Looking at: my computer

Wearing: pajamas because I haven’t showered yet today

Cooking: last night was fishsticks and tonight is crockpot salsa chicken soft tacos…these late swim nights are wreaking havoc on cooking

Wondering: when I can fit grocery shopping into my schedule

Trying out: a new church this past Sunday, so far, we like it


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