Race Report | ET Full Moon 10K | 08.30.15

Yes, this report is REEEEAAAALLLLY late. Cut me some slack okay, life is CRRRAAAAAZZZY! :-)


Last year, Bryan and I decided to run a race together and it just so happened that the ET Full Moon was within a couple of days of my 1 year post-chemo anniversary (yes, cancer patients celebrate ALL the anniversaries). So, I signed us up. I also took a huge leap and signed up for my first 10K ever.

Calico Racing hosts this race every year, out at “Area 51” in Rachel, NV. There are distances ranging from 5K all the way to 51K for those utterly insane people. While I can’t speak for every year, we received a very nice tech shirt and medal, along with normal race goody bag “stuff”.



They offer a charter bus option and we took it. Rachel is a good 2+ hours from Vegas and the race starts at midnight. There was no way we wanted to drive back home after. The race itself was amazingly supported, organized and with great volunteers, but I would be leery to take the bus again. Our bus driver was falling asleep on the way back, swerving all over the road and turned a 2.5 hour drive into a 3.5 hour drive because we never made it over 50mph. No thank you, I’ll take chances on myself after that. LOL!


I ended up falling off the wagon with training, but I was excited anyway. I made a pact with myself, that no matter how slow I went, I wouldn’t stop running. And I didn’t!




Bryan didn’t either…bahahaha! Of course he smoked me. What’s new.




We had a great time, running under a full moon was a neat experience and definitely something different.

And there is no one I’d rather suffer through 6.2 miles with.







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