15, already?

Can it be? Are we really THAT old?

Did our one and only actually turn 15 last week?

That tiny little baby, who just yesterday stole our hearts?


Yep, that one.


I can’t be totally sad though. Despite our shortcomings, she has turned out to be pretty awesome. Everything we could have hoped for and more.




Straight A 9th Grader.

NM State Champ in the 13-14 1500 Meter Freestyle (swimming).

NM State Qualifier in cross country, her first year running regularly (one of only two freshmen to make the state team).

Obsessed with makeup.

Addicted to her phone.

Future neurosurgeon.

Smart. Funny. Opinionated. Kind. Loving. Gorgeous.


Happy birthday, baby girl! Just remember, do as we say and not as we do. And yes, I’m talking about driving. Lord, help us, that’s next!


2 Responses

  1. LOVE the photo collage of her each year. She’s so lucky to have a photographer mom to document so much of her life. She will grow up and treasure these pics for ever. And her hashtag is perfect. She is amazing. SO proud of her.


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