miscellaneous Monday (on a Tuesday)


  • So, I am back to running after a 4 month medical and PCS hiatus. Why, why do I always do this to myself? It is at that point of sucking. Royally. I know it will get better, but for right now, I just want to die. Huge goal though, 3 half marathons in 2017. I’m not doing too terrible on my November goal either. :-)



  • I haven’t really talked a whole lot here or well, anywhere recently about anything personal. If you could, just keep us in your prayers. J has a liver biopsy Thursday because her liver enzyme levels have been high for the last 6 months. The docs thought it was because of some acne meds she was on, but apparently not because the levels are still rising even after being off the meds for almost 6 months. So, now the testing becomes more invasive. If that wasn’t enough on our plates, I have a second opinion from a new oncologist Friday about a mass they found near my colon on my CT scan from back in September. Oh, and Bryan had an MRI this week because he still can’t run without severe pain from his achilles/bone spur surgery back in July. Some days, even walking is fun. Sigh, we are just all falling apart.


  • Is anyone else super excited for the new show with the UK Top Gear guys? The Grand Tour? I can’t wait! I love them and was so sad when they cancelled the show. Sure, Jeremy said some things he probably shouldn’t have, but come on. British humor is just that, cheeky, brazen and outlandish. Bugger.



  • After a 16 year absence, I am officially a college student again. I start in January with the required COLL100 course and RELS201 Intro to World Religions. To say I am nervous would be an understatement.



  • It’s time to panic. It is only 36 days until Hawaii and there is still SO much to do. Ack!



  • Friday we went on a hunt. A hunt for our childhood and we scored! So much fun, everyone in our family is getting a kick out of it!



  • I took a personal day today. Sometimes, you just need a change and today’s change was hair. My long hair was pretty when I actually fixed it, but more often than not it was just pulled back into ponytail or bun. Blah. Now that I’ve lost a bit of weight, I have been dreaming about my old sassy hair and decided to take the plunge. We took off enough to donate, if only it wasn’t colored. :-( Whatcha think? I’m in love.


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  1. Will definitely be thinking of you guys through these health challenges! Also, loving your hair! And I’m excited over the new Top Gear show too, my brother got me hooked on their travel specials on Netflix! Miss you!!


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