what i’m doing now :: 10.21.2014

Currently I am:

Reading: Love Does by Bob Goff…still, I’ve only been trying to get through it for a year now

Listening to: the hum of a fan and computers, practically complete silence

Laughing at: the “south” jokes, last night at the pool

Swooning over: sleep…it sounds so dreamy :)

Planning: swim changes and Christmas

Eating: my breakfast consisted of boiled eggs with cholula and 2 fun size packs of M&M’s

Feeling: apprehensive

Discovering: people’s true colors

Looking at: my ridiculously cluttered inbox

Wearing: polka dot pj pants and a tank top

Cooking: well, I haven’t cooked since Sunday morning, but parm chicken, garlic mashed cauli and roasted okra is on the menu for tonight

Wondering: if I will ever fit in here in Vegas

Trying out: running….again



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