You’ve been warned, I am going to gripe BUT it is better for me to get it out here than subject my poor husband to anymore of it….LOL!

It’s been a rough couple of days. It all started Wednesday morning, when we took the truck into the dealership (Award Chevrolet in Crestview, FL) for some minor warranty repairs. We had been previously told that if they estimated the service to take more than 8 hours that they would provide me with a loaner vehicle. Well, we get there and I have about 12 things that needed to be fixed. I don’t have time to constantly take it in, so if it is just a minor annoyance, I let it build up…makes sense, right?!? They try to tell us that they don’t know how long it will take but if it is not ready at 4pm, that we can come back out and get a rental….umm, hello…I live 20 minutes from this dealership and I am not coming back out here again today unless it is to pick up my truck. So, I made my point VERY clear and well, they gave me a rental…LOL!
This is what they gave me though…ugh…Chevy should be ashamed to have their name on this truck. AND as if my truck wasn’t enough of a gas guzzler:-( Don’t get me wrong, I was VERY appreciative to have a vehicle since I had plenty to do Wednesday, I just wish they would have given me something a bit more functional….such is life though, right?!?

Anyway, Wednesday comes and goes and my truck isn’t done (like I predicted). Thursday, Bryan called several times to check on the status and all we kept hearing was after lunch. Finally at the 3pm phone call, they said it was ready to pick up. Not even 5 minutes later, they called us to tell us it was ready…ummm, duh! Bryan still had to get out of his BDU’s and then we had to take the loaner back to Enterprise so it was 4:30pm before we ever got to the dealership. I go to get my keys and oh, I’m sorry your paperwork isn’t done yet. WTF? You called me an hour and a half ago and told me it was ready…grrr! Finally get the paperwork and only 2 of my 12 things were fixed and another 2 had parts ordered…everything else stated no problem found! WHAT?!? So we request someone come out and explain to us exactly what they did and didn’t do. He wouldn’t back up any of the issues that we were pointing out and got rather rude so I told him that I would be taking my business elsewhere and he said fine. I go to get into the truck to leave…already furious mind you only to find grease on my floorboard. I know it is not from me because I am too short to reach where it was. By this time, I am beyond furious an Bryan can tell so he goes in to talk to the service manager. Mind you, when he walked in, they guy that had came out with us was griping about us to the service manager telling him that he didn’t have to deal with angry customers. Anyway, the service manager comes out and we all 3 argue for over 2 hours about the issues. He says I don’t have a right to be mad and I told him that if he was in my shoes and his guys didn’t do work on his vehicle properly that he would be chewing their butts and he couldn’t deny that. He also informed me though that he would put anyone that didn’t buy in Crestview second to someone that did. Umm hello, you do not have a right to discriminate…I have bumper to bumper GM warranty and you are a certified GM service center. You can bet that info is going in my letter to GM. Needless to say, I could go on and on about the experience but won’t since I am still so ticked about it. So, now though I am going to have to take it to ANOTHER dealership and hope that they do the work correctly. It’s really easy to earn my business and I just don’t understand what has happened in the customer service realm in today’s world:-(

Then, many of you know that the military royally messed up our last paycheck. We had savings, so we dealt and Bryan was in finance about every other day since getting things straight. In his many trips to finance, we even discovered that the military owed us about $250 from our PCS this past summer. Supposedly everything was straight now and this check would be right PLUS the $250 that they owe us. Anyway, I get on mypay this morning only to find out that not only is our regular portion of the check messed up but that the $250 wasn’t in there either. Of course, Bryan tries calling finance numerous times today only to get no one. They are scheduled to be closed NEXT Friday but there was no posting about being closed today…grrr. Now it has to wait until Monday! Out of 7 years in the military, we had never had a wrong paycheck till we got here and since getting here, only 2 out of 19 have been right. Pretty crappy record for this finance office…proves to me that someone isn’t doing their job right here:-(

Anyway, that is the end of my vent as Jacey is prying for my attention. At the end of my day, my munchkin always makes me smile and makes everything seem better…I mean, how can you not be happy around this face:-)

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  1. UGH!!!! And Major HUGS! when we lived in “small island” we were told while looking for cars they were trying to tell us that if we bought the car in A town versus B town that they would push ahead B town customers because they were “their” customers? so we said that’s OK and wrote to the main office, and didn’t buy at either place.
    GRRRRRR on the paycheck!

  2. Man I wish I could fly down there right now and drive over there with you and we could have us a lynching or something. I just don’t understand how dealerships like that stay in business. I have been given the run around by other dealerships when I didn’t buy by vehicle there but what are we supposed to do when we move around so much. Drive 1400 miles to get the oil changed.

    BIG {{{HUGS}}}!!!

  3. OMG! That is just plan ridiculous! I would defeinitely be filing complaints with GM and following the chain of Command for these issues with Finance! This is just plain messed up. Someone needs to get off their butt and do their fricking job!

  4. What a bunch of weinie heads at the dealership…man! Hopefully you’ll find that will be a lot nicer to deal with….and that is messed up with his pay, wonder why finance there can’t get their shit today??
    On a lighter note, the pics of Jacey are adorable! She’s growing up way too fast


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