Tuesday Tidbits | 02.21.17

Why can’t people find better hobbies and use their intelligence to cure cancer or something? Came home from a weekend in Phoenix, only to discover unauthorized charges on my main credit card. The card is in my possession and I’ve reviewed everywhere I’ve been and used it. All legit businesses. Sigh. Our home network is

Grateful Friday

1. New clothes and shoes! Size 14 pants (I can get a 12 on, but it still isn’t pretty) and large shirts…woohoo! And shoes, I’ve lost a whole size! It feels so much better to not be swimming in everything I own. 2. Jacey’s meds finally came in and she’s on her way to getting

February 2017 | Fitness Goals

  Somewhere, I lost January. Anyone else feel that way? It seems like just yesterday, we came home from Hawaii and now it is February. How exactly do you just “lose” that many days? Anywho. So, how did I do with my January goals? Let’s recap what they were. As you can see, I failed.

Tuesday Tidbits

Our household finally got some good news recently! It looks like Bryan will be moving to a new job in the group (squadron—>group–>wing–>etc) very soon! He is super excited about it and I am excited about the lower chance of 0315 shows. Those sure are fun when you live 45 minutes away! I’m not 100%

Grateful Friday

1. Almost 3 weeks completed in my classes and I’m still holding A’s. Somehow. 2. A relatively calm week. Some weeks, I feel like I need to buckle up and hang on. 3. I am finally within a minute of my 2009 5k PR! Slowly getting faster. 4. Starbucks dates with Bryan. 5. Short week.