December 2016 | Fitness Goals


Every month, I set out with some goals for the month. Some months I hit them and other months I ignore them. I thought it would be a little more beneficial to my success to make those goals public. A sort of accountability group for myself. Each month, I will come share how I did with my goals and set some new ones. If I slack, please call me out. Sometimes we all need a kick in the pants.

I didn’t do too terrible for November. I hit my goal of 64 ounces of water a day, 28 out of the 30 days in November. Soo close. I almost nailed my goal of exercising 3 times a week. Even hitting 4 times, most weeks. I totally failed my mileage running goal though. Such is life sometimes.



On to December.


These feel pretty lofty, with a 9 day vacation later this month, but as my daughter says, “go big or go home”.


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