Miscellaneous Monday


  • I finally finished A Man Called Ove, my third whole book this year. We won’t mention that 2 were audiobooks finished during our PCS here…LOL!


  • Yesterday, Bryan and I were supposed to go walking. Instead, it turned into an over 5.5 mile and 500+ foot ascent hike. You’d think after 17.5 years, I’d know not to let him get too close to a mountain if I don’t intend to hike. ;-) The views were spectacular though and we didn’t even have to leave base.




  • Bryan gave me my first unsupervised B12 injection tonight. And my arm hasn’t fallen off yet! Go Bry!


  • Is it just me, or does anyone else absolutely despise bra shopping? I’ve lost enough weight recently, that I needed new bras and finally gave in yesterday. Two hours later, I gave up and settled after trying on probably 50 different bras. Can’t I just move somewhere that it is acceptable to let the girls go free? At this point, that might be easier (and cheaper).


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