2016 | 30 Days of Thankful

Every November, I participate in 30 days of thankful. I know some think it is cliche and while I am always thankful for what I have been given, I like taking the time to be specific. Really specific.

This year, instead of flooding instagram and facebook with a post every day, I am going to keep a running list going here.

Day 1: My husband, he’s my rock and best friend. Things aren’t always easy, but they sure are worth it.

Day 2: My daughter, a miracle baby we were blessed with 15 years ago today. She’s loving, smart, funny, kind and keeps me going on days I really don’t want to.

Day 3: Two legs, that proved to me they could do the “impossible” and run a half marathon last year. No matter if I look the part or not.

Day 4: A great medical team and comprehensive insurance coverage, even if sometimes it can be an uphill battle.

Day 5: The financial ability to go back to school, paid for by my husband’s service to his country.

Day 6: Modern appliances, especially washing machines and dryers.

Day 7: The ability to be a two car family. We did the one car thing for many, many years and I cannot figure out now, how we made it work.

Day 8: The right to vote!

Day 9: Wifi and laptops, so I can get work done virtually anywhere.

Day 10: A roof over my head, running water, electricity and HEAT!

Day 11: The freedoms we enjoy in this country and the veterans who made and keep them possible.

Day 12: A husband that doesn’t bat an eye at taking over munchkin duties when he is home.

Day 13: A teen that still enjoys spending time with her parents.

Day 14: Naps. And the ability to fit them into my schedule. Some days (okay, most), I still need them.

Day 15: Fabulous hair stylists and my sassy hair making a return!

Day 16: An amazing group of cross country coaches to train and mentor Jacey.

Day 17: Successful medical procedures!

Day 18: Robovacs. Because we ALL hate sweeping.

Day 19: Climate controlled gyms on freezing days. I am such a weather wimp.

Day 20: My faith and the freedom to practice it, publicly.

Day 21: 8.5 hours of sleep, with only one mid-slumber wake up.

Day 22: Sunglasses.

Day 23: Chats with my Mom.

Day 24: Old movies on Hulu.

Day 25: Unique gifts that celebrate the beginning of the holiday season.

Day 26: 24 hour food establishments.

Day 27: My girl’s strength and easy-going nature.

Day 28: Hospital food that doesn’t suck.

Day 29: My bed.

Day 30: Me. I’m not perfect, but I am who I am and I am proud of that.


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