Thursday Thirteen | Thirteen Things I’ve Checked Off My To Do List This Week

Thirteen Things I’ve Checked Off My To Do List This Week

1. Laundry. Just in time for more. Yay.

2. Reservations at Shades of Green in hopes of getting into the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2018. We promised J a Disney race before she graduates and we hope this one can be her first half marathon. On her way to making her goal of running a FULL marathon by the time she graduates and Boston qualifying in college. She’s insane.

3. Ran. Twice.

4. Finally finished my half marathon training plan, even though I am already in the middle of week 1. Oops. Sneak peek, anyone?

5. Bought a treadmill. With three runners in the house, crazy weather here that sometimes prevents outdoor runs and wonky gym hours, it became almost a necessity. Now if it would just get here already.

6. Checked off WAY too many phone calls, lingering from vacation.

7. Wrote our 2016 year in review, stuffed, sealed and dropped off our New Year cards to the post office. People on the ball do Christmas cards, slackers do New Year cards. ;-)

8. Naps. Two of them.

9. Designed new office artwork. Maybe one of these days, my office will be photo worthy again.

10. Ate lunch, every day. As silly as it sounds, this is an accomplishment. I get busy and sidetracked and forget to eat. Not good, because it really affects my energy on runs.

11. Made dinner. Three times!

12. Bought a new car. Goodbye soccer mom SUV, hello fun! Meet Stig. We can totally be BFFs if you know where I got that name.

13. Haven’t maimed anyone. Yet. The week isn’t over.


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