Miscellaneous Monday

  • We leave for Hawaii on Wednesday y’all. Nothing is packed and my house is a disaster zone. Breathe, Lacey.


  • I finally got my main 2017 race schedule ironed out and paid for. So far, there is one local race and three travel races. I’ll probably pick up a couple more local races along the way, or even possibly the Ruidoso Half Marathon. If I am crazy and want to tackle those hills and elevation. So far, my schedule is:
    • Cupid’s Chase 5K – February
    • Alamo 13.1 – March
    • Warrior Dash 5K – September
    • Rock ‘N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon – November (my redemption race)


  • Why my redemption race, you ask? In 2011, I was scheduled to run the RnR Las Vegas Half. Entry fee paid and all. Sadly, I had my very first DNR and ate a lot of money. At that point, my cancer fatigue and side effects were just too much to train properly. This time, though, I am going to kill it, see my friends and have a solo weekend in the process.


  • I got my download link, for my first college textbooks…in 17 years. I’m starting to get nervous, hopefully, it will turn into being excited before I start the semester. I also registered for my second set of classes, so my spring semester looks like:
    • COLL100 – Foundations of Online Learning
    • RELS201 – Intro to World Religions
    • ENGL200 – Compositions & Literature
    • CHFD220 – Human Sexuality


  • I get my husband for the next TWO weeks. Fourteen whole days! Life here in New Mexico has been rough and we ALL need a break. And my soul needs him and the beach.


  • Dark chocolate covered Wavy Lay’s are the bomb. Just sayin’.



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