MilSpouse (first) Friday Fill-In #72

Feel free to come join in over here!

1. What’s one thing in the past month you would have changed?

Can I just say the whole month…LOL?! It was a rough month. If I have to pick one, I’d say the girl that backed into my truck in a parking lot, apologized for hitting us and then trying to blame us to the insurance. Such a hassle for very minor damage.

2. What was your favorite thing that happened in May?

Watching Jacey sing the National Anthem with the honor choir at a 51’s game.

3. June includes the first day of summer… what are your plans for the summer?

Vacation for a week on Coronado Island. That is pretty much it for me. Jacey will go to Texas for 2 weeks and church camp for another week, so I suppose Bryan and I will have to find some trouble to get into.

4. Do you use the services on base (gym, financial planning, family services, daycare)? And if so, what’s your favorite one?

Not here, but mainly because we live 35-45 minutes from Nellis and 35 minutes from Creech. I do go to the commissary/BX about twice a month but that is it. At Eglin I used the gym and commissary religiously.

5. What are you looking forward to in June?

School being out, sleeping late, going to IKEA and spending a week on the beach!

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  1. Your vacation sounds great! Can’t wait to read about it! :) Alma

    BTW, I am not allowed to go to IKEA anymore. I did too much damage over there last year, lol!


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