Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Good Things About Having Cancer

Thirteen Good Things About Having Cancer

Since I wrote a long, whiny post about having cancer earlier in the week, I thought this would be a good way to show you everything has a silver lining.

1. The “Cancer Card”. The minute you are diagnosed, you become a rightful owner of this card. Use it, just be sure not to abuse it. Seriously though, there are some days and some situations that you really don’t and or physically/mentally can’t deal with. So don’t, you have a legitimate excuse.

2. Adding “Survivor” to your job title. Cancer kills in case you weren’t aware and “you” are surviving.
“Definition of a cancer survivor – one breath past diagnosis.”  ~Unknown

3. No more worries about hot dogs, cell phones or sunscreen giving you cancer. You already have it.

4. You are a fighter! How cool does that sound. Sort of like being a superhero.

5. You have permission to not sweat the small stuff and to “get busy living'”.

6. All the super cool, inspirational people you meet that know EXACTLY what you are going through!

7. You get to wear funky wigs, pretty scarves and cool hats and no one questions you. (While I am not there yet, Jacey can’t wait to get me a purple wig.)

8. Shock factor. Being able to give a dose of reality/perspective to others. Occasionally when people whine around me, I turn and tell them about my battle and the fact that I am breathing, walking and smiling.

9. You learn to let some pride go and ask for help.

10. You get to sleep…as much as you want, because you honestly need it for healing.

11. You get a medical team dedicated to keeping you from being a statistic. You get to learn to navigate the good and bad of the medical system and become your very best advocate.

12. You learn who is “real” and who isn’t. Family and friends. Cancer scares the fair-weather people away. It might feel like you aren’t left with much of a support system, but the ones that are left will always be there.

13. Learning just how strong you are (with God’s help) and that you can pass any test that gets thrown your way.


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