Grateful Friday

1. Dinners with dear friends. Almost 12 hours of fun that didn’t feel like more than 2.

2. Jacey got accepted to a local math, science and technology magnet school and after much discussion and prayer, we accepted the slot.

3. 4 more days of school.

4. 10 more day till vacation. A week in the sun and sand, with a book in my hand.

5. Tickets for Jacey’s summer trip to Texas are booked and she’s excited to go. No separation anxiety here…2 weeks in Texas and another week away at camp. Wonder what kind of trouble Bryan and I can get into while she’s gone? :-)

One Response

  1. That was seriously a fun 12 hours!! :-) For your #5……I am sure you two will think of something. ;-) Super excited for the new beginnings for y’all with Jacey’s schooling!! :-)


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