foodie review: Retro Bakery | Las Vegas, NV

Ah, Retro. This place has had our loyalty for the last 3 years. We tried another cupcake place whose name I won’t mention when we first moved here to Vegas and their cupcakes were…okay. Not bad, not great.

Enter Retro Bakery. Ah-mazing! And it isn’t just their cupcakes, but the cookies and my pies are fabulous as well. If only my backside didn’t revolt so much.

Light, fluffy cake and heavenly, rich, sweet and smooth buttercream. Mmmmm.



My favorite cupcakes are glazed donut, pucker up and the Retro.

Glazed donut is vanilla cake dipped in a sugar glaze. The perfect pairing when you want lightly sweet. Best eaten with a tall glass of milk.

Pucker Up is raspberry cake and a lemon buttercream. The lemon buttercream definitely packs a punch and the raspberry cake is subtle but the perfect pairing.

And the Retro. Remember those chocolate cupcakes we had as kids with creme filling. I used to love those. Tried one a few years ago again and OMG, they were horrible. I think I could taste at least 50 of the millions of chemicals in them. What did I see in them? If though, you loved them too once upon a time like me, the Retro is perfect for you. Chocolate cake, creme filling and chocolate glaze with no funny aftertaste or expiration date 5 years later.


And, cookies. For a long time my favorite was chocolate chip. Soft, huge and TONS of chips. One day though, I stopped by and they were out so I tried the red velvet chip. Divine. I can’t say it out ranks the chocolate chip but it is definitely right up there. Another kind they have on certain days are mega chip and they are Bryan’s fav. So much so, that when he was in Syracuse for his birthday in 2012, I had a dozen shipped to him. They have 4 or 5 or 6 different kinds of chips in them and if you follow their FB page, you can be in the know for which days they will be in the case.



Brian, Kari and crew also make the experience fantastic just as much as the goodies. Always upbeat, smiling and family oriented. That part, I LOVE! They shut down on holidays and also take vacation time, so they and their crew can have a family life. They realize that family comes first and I respect that in business owners immensely.

Oh (I can’t believe I am giving out this secret), head over to their website and sign up for the e-club. Once a month, they have an amazing deal for e-clubbers only!


Retro Bakery
7785 N. Durango Dr. #130
Las Vegas, NV 89131

Monday-Thursday: 8AM to 6PM
Friday: 8AM to 7PM
Saturday: 10AM to 6PM
Sunday: CLOSED


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