Tuesday Tidbits

  • Today was a not so great day. Started off great, but let’s just say boiled eggs are no longer my friend. Headed to work, my boiled egg breakfast in hand. Started working and eating my egg which resulted in me not paying attention to my bite sizes or how well I was chewing. Stuck, big time. Severe pain was practically immediate and none of my normal methods for relieving the pain worked. Finally after trying to battle the pain and work for an hour, I gave up and came home. Experienced my second vomiting episode since being banded 15 months ago, this time, foam and all. Yuck. Managed to doze on the floor for about 30 minutes when the pain subsided a bit and then was rudely woken up by the severe pain returning. The pain finally subsided enough (mind you it was still pretty rough) for us to head up to the hospital for immunizations where I paced the floors until we got called back. Thankfully, 4.5 hours after the pain started, the food finally made its way through right before I had to get my shot. Maybe this was God’s way of giving me a wake up call, I dunno. I keep saying I need to get back on track and keep putting it off. I have no choice but to do liquids for a few days now, due to the irritation so I am going to do the 5 day pouch test while I am at it. Get this carb monster killed and get these last stinking 18 pounds off.
  • Today, Jacey and I both got our H1N1 vaccines and Jacey got her 2nd seasonal flu shot in her series. Now she just has to go back in 30 days for the 2nd H1N1 and she’ll be done for a year. I really had mixed feelings about the whole H1N1 vaccine. My oncologist recommended it but Bryan and I still weren’t 100% sure. We finally decided that for us the risk was greater to get the actual swine flu than to get the vaccine. Bryan leaves tomorrow, so if J or I got sick, we would be SOL and me being immunocompromised, who knows how it would affect me. Bryan is not eligible right now, but at least J and I will be protected. Bryan never gets anything (illness) anyway, he just always bring it home to me. Lucky me.
  • My hard drive comes in tomorrow and this one is still chugging along…YAY! If I disappear for a few days though, you know why.
  • We had our Relay For Life Team Captain Party last night and it went really well. Bryan resigned his online chair position (because of retraining) but it was picked up by another sub-committee member, so we still have a full committee roster. We don’t have another meeting until January and while I love relay, I am looking forward to the break. I just really have a lot on my plate right now and it is one less thing to stress about.
  • And, like I mentioned earlier, Bryan leaves TDY for his first class tomorrow. I hate watching him pack, even though this first TDY will be cake. He’ll be gone a week, we’ll see him for 4 days at Thanksgiving and then he will be home a week and a half later. Now the TDY in January, will suck. He’ll be gone 2 months since the 2 classes are back to back. Oh well, right?! I made it through 2 months last year and at least he is not deployed. I am thankful for that every day!

3 Responses

  1. I wish I was like you and only have thrown up twice since surgery! That’s awesome! A few months after surgery I had to figure out what meats I could eat – hambuger or steak I have no problem with, chicken can clog me if it gets cold and I usually can’t eat leftovers, and pork got stuck every time – and ended up throwing up. *lol* I’ve probably thrown up ten times or less in over a year now.

    Eggs clock me like crazy, I can only eat a bite or two and I’m done.

    I’ve never done the 5 day band test, I think I’ll give it a whirl afer Thanksgiving though – I’m always paranoid that sometings happened to it.

  2. When I eat Boiled eggs I really dont pay attention to my bites either so I end up in the same boat as you were in, so I dont eat them anymore. I LOVE eggs so I try to do like an egg salad or something like that where its already chopped up! I might try the 5 day pouch test as well sounds like a good plan!


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