dying the slow (hopefully) death.

Several weeks ago, my hard drive started clicking randomly. We thought it was possibly my motherboard flaking out and not supplying proper power, since I was also having random USB issues. Then, yesterday the grinding started. Sigh. Hopped on Newegg and ordered and new hard drive. Yeah, I REALLY have time in my schedule to be dealing with this.


I’m not worried about data loss, I use Mozy online and a network drive here at home, but man, what a hassle. I guess it gives me a chance to rearrange my file structure a bit and clean out some programs that I rarely/never use but I had everything *just* the way I like it. Oy.

I did upgrade by 90GB, so I guess I no longer need that external drive I was eyeing.

Yeah, trying to find the bright spots in this mess.

Too bad, I can’t just push it off on Bryan to fix since he leaves TDY Wednesday. I am fully capable of doing it but he gets so much more pleasure out of stuff like this than I do.

Anyway, just pray that the old drive lasts until the new one gets here so I have as seamless of a transition as possible and I’ll stop whining now :).

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