Grateful Friday


1. A truly Godly person decided to bless me immensely based on my story. I don’t feel that I am special, so I am very humbled and thankful right now.

2. That while saying “see you later” stinks, we were provided to opportunity to get to know and love dear friends.

3. This military community is REALLY small, so it really is a “see you later”.

4. I’m feeling more human again…this cold is kicking my backside.

5. We only had a few bucks cash on us but were able to help an armless, legless, homeless man get his prescription tonight at Walgreens.

2 Responses

  1. That is awesome that you were able to help that homeless man. My dad would buy meals for the homeless if he saw them. {hugs} I hope the cold goes away completely! Have a good weekend Lacey!


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