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Today, I am scattered…so therefore my post will be too :-)

  • Gifted Testing x2 – Bright and early, this morning Jacey had her second round of gifted testing. Why Florida requires so much is beyond me, but such is life. If you remember, last time, she made a 134 which is considered gifted. She had to make a 127 to even get to this second round of testing. Today, her rough score was a 135. It still needs to be verified but in the 10 or so categories involved in the test, she scored average in 1 and the rest were above average or superior. We’ll will get the verified score in the mail in a few weeks and then will meet with the guidance counselors at her new school, the week before school starts.
  • Hep A – After Jacey’s testing, we headed over to the hospital to get her last hepatitis A shot. She was due Saturday, so I was attempting to get her in at the first available time, only to find out immunizations was out of the hep A?!? Last week when I was in the clinic for my allergy appt, they were out of the DTaP. How in the heck are they OUT of a vaccination?? Obviously someone isn’t doing their job. Supposedly, they will have more by Thursday when we go back up for my oncology appt…we shall see.
  • Endometrial Biopsy – Today was also my endometrial biopsy. It was supposed to be last week but I had to reschedule because last week Bryan was night flying and his bosses…well, let’s just say they aren’t on my good list lately. I was really dreading this, but like my bone marrow biopsy, it was no big deal. I took a couple and Motrin before I went in and there were only two moments I even needed to close my eyes. I lightly cramped for about an hour afterward but that is it. My results should be back in 2-3 weeks, so if you could say a prayer for me, I would really appreciate it.
  • New Purse – After my biopsy, we had a bit of time before we needed to get back to Jacey and Miss S, her babysitter, so we stopped by the BX. We didn’t truly need anything but I have been itching for a new purse. I *just* got a new one about 2 months ago when I went in search of a summer purse. I found a lime green one that I loved and bought. Since then though, I realized it was not the best choice. It can’t go up on my shoulder and with my lifestyle it really doesn’t work well. I am constantly holding someone’s hand, so it has to go in the other and then my hands are tied :-). I usually have pretty good purse luck at the BX, so I headed to that section (about the only luck I have at the BX). Browsed and found a few that would do but one that I kept going back to. I kept putting it back though because of the price. Bryan finally told me to buy it…I’m not sure if it was because he could see I really liked it or because he was looking for an escape after being drug round and round the purse section about 5 times. I’d place my bet on the latter. Isn’t it purdy??

  • cont. – Standing there though today, made me realize I have a purse fetish. If I would have randomly seen this purse instead of going to look for one, I STILL would have probably came up with some reason to get it…LOL! Reminds me of my friend E and her *proverbial brown purse* fetish…she even made a LO about it which was just adorable!
  • SYTYCS Week 3 – So, Jen and I didn’t make it to week 4. After seeing the week 4 challenge, I can’t say I am heartbroken over it…LOL! I love working with Jen, she’s the coolest. Here is my week 3 layout now that I can share. (sidenote: I love you all the numbers is a saying that Jacey came up with a year or two ago. It stayed our special thing for a long while and I miss hearing it.)

swig sisters - lacey - week 3

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  1. OMW! I love that purse! You know I never check the BX for purses much less anything else, but I am going in there soon to check for sure! I really love the purse!

    Sorry you didn’t make it to the next round, I didn’t make the one that I entered either but I am like oh well… It’s really okay. I figure God has something else planned for me, just like he does for you!

  2. Thanks sweetie!! I love working with you too!! Want to make it up to me for not getting into round 4 by sending me your purse? LOL!!! Just kidding, it is too cute though!!


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