creativity happens


I am much calmer today than I was last night. I (yes, me) even apologized to Bryan for overreacting last night. Whie I am still not happy about the change, it could be worse. It could be for longer or it could be him that is going back after Christmas instead of someone else. I […]


a bit of hybrid

Now that everyone *should* have gotten these, I can now share. I made these thank you gifts for a few people I work with that have helped my with Jacey during all this medical stuff. I also plan to make them for her teacher, choir director and Sunday school teachers. Then I made these for […]


scrapping bug

Well, I have been itching to scrap for a few days but just never seem to have the time. Well, tonight I just set aside everything else I should have been doing and had a bit of a creative release. But boy, am I rusty…LOL! Click to see bigger…(credits are over at flickr)