much randomness (warning, long post ahead)

Since J and I came back from New York, I decided to take a Facebook hiatus and you know what…wow…it is amazing what you can get accomplished without that time leech. I haven’t abandoned it forever, but I am definitely putting the brakes on my usage. Since I’ve been on my Facebook Detox, I have…..


spring cleaned and purged the entire house…..


and completely revamped the website and blog for both regular and mobile platforms (click on the screenshots to take a peek….pretty please).

Two things that been on my to do list for a while but I just never had “time” or developed ADD the minute I sat down at my laptop.


The last weekend of March, Jacey stayed with a wonderful friend and I got to attend OMG2012, the 5th Annual OMG! Cancer Summit for Young Adults down at the Palms (I suppose living in Vegas has a few perks). I had a great time and it was nice to actually “see” that I am not alone. Some days, cancer is so lonely as a young adult (and especially one not with breast cancer). I even got to meet the only other young adult CLL patient that I have ever found in 4 years since diagnosis. Rare much?


Last week, Jacey was moved up to the Gold Swim Team… little fish. She started on the Bronze back in August with absolutely no formal swim training and then was moved up to Silver not long after. I think she finally found her niche…..good thing, because it certainly wasn’t ballet, gymnastics, soccer, t-ball, cheerleading or drama. The only thing that *might* have came close was twirling which she sadly had to give up when we moved here, because I can’t find anywhere for her to go.


Easter Sunday, J and I went to The Crossing for service and I was reminded how much I like it. Finding a church home here in Vegas has been challenging to say the least. We have attended 5 churches and tried to “settle” on one that was “okay” and close to the house, but I am just not happy there and neither is Bryan. All 3 of us dearly miss our church back in Florida, but what can you do? J wants to have everyone move here and start a church…me too.

J and I went back again this past weekend and I was sold. That is where we need to be. I already knew Bryan liked it there, but I fought it hard, because of the trek. Bryan drives anywhere from 35-45 minutes a day one way (depending on if he is going to Creech or Nellis) and I hated to add another 35 minute one way trip on Sunday’s. A church home is such a personal decision though and can make or break your happiness in a new location, so it is important to find one that you want to attend and feel restored at, not drained. No more settling.

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  1. I love the new design (loved the old one too). You are so creative!!!! And I really liked this post too–great catch-up post.

  2. LOVE the new layout!

    OMG2012 sounds like a great way to connect with people going through the same thing you are! A good friend of mine was recently diagnosed with chronic eosiniphilic leukemia. She says she hasn’t met anyone else with it.


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