Project DIY: Custom Christmas Ornaments


As I was putting the tree up yesterday (okay, who am I kidding…as Bryan was putting it up), I remembered that I never posted how to make some really quick and easy custom ornaments, so I’ll share now.

Last year, we changed the theme of the tree.

Yes, I do themed trees. Since we got married, this is our third “theme” and there was only one year we had a mish-mash tree (that year I almost didn’t even put a tree up).

I fell in love with this tall, skinny tree and some herringbone snowflake stockings then proceeded to build on those two things. I ended up finding a tree skirt to coordinate, black sheer ribbon and a few different size/texture red ornaments. But silver ornaments that weren’t cheap, tacky or plastic were alluding me. So, I decided to make my own.

I bought some of these….


And some of this (cheap, silver garland strands)…..


And ended up with this….


I simply gently took the tops of the ornaments off, worked about a 4 inch strip of garland into the ornament with a pencil and replaced the top. I can see this working with glitter, small beads, colored sand, tinsel, ribbon, paint…the options are endless. You could also put die cuts of states, activities, etc in them. Your imagination is the only limit!


Didn’t the tree turn out gorgeous? And don’t the silver ornaments just complete the look?


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