dining room redo

Ever since we moved, I have wanted to redo the dining room. I haven’t been fond of my table and chairs for years but at the base house, at least it was hidden around a corner. Here, it is right out in the open and I am growing to dislike it even more every time I pass by. I also aren’t extremely fond of the sage green paint below the chair rail.

While I haven’t decided yet, whether to go with a Paris or Asian theme, we did decide on a paint color and new dining set. We also plan to replace the light fixture, but I haven’t found one I like in my budget yet.

Here is the dining room before…looking in from the living room…

Here is the paint color we decided on for below the chair rail…Valspar Cut Ruby…

And here is a quick (ie. sloppy) photoshop version…

Of course, the paint won’t be quite that bright. It is a satin finish and the wall is rice paper so there will be texture and shadows (unlike my flat photoshop work).

The hardest part of this whole process though was finding a table. We wanted either a counter height or pub table. I have been looking off and on but hadn’t found anything. Saturday, we went in search again. First we stopped by the BX…found one table I fell in love with…slightly too big and WAY out of my budget. Found another we like, but they were out and there were 17 people on the waiting list already…oy. Next we headed to Target. The one there was okay but alas none in stock either. Stopped at Rooms & More…there were a few there that I liked, so I got the prices and models. Looked online at about 900 million other ones after we got home. We finally found one that Bryan and I both love.

The wood, will match the furniture in our living room and the black will match our couch and accent pieces. YAY! Now just to find the cheapest place to purchase it (that is reputable) since i found it on several websites.

I’ll be sure to share pics once it is all finished!

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  1. I am really digging the wall color and your cool new table, I sure hope you find it in the price range so you can re-decorate! I am getting that itch too and think I am going to re-do our bedroom furniture this summer by painting it navy to match the Americana theme in there!!!! Show the photos when you get it all together girl!


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