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Been a busy several days around here. Got my laptop on Friday and I absolutely LOVE it! I have been getting it all set up the way I like it and actually sat down and scrapped a bit today. Saturday we got together with friends and had a great day and then Sunday was a very lazy day. Much needed since I feel like I have been going ninety to nothing here lately. This week we finish up swim lessons and gymnastics till August and in 5 days, we head to Disney….Jacey can’t wait!

Jacey had her school physical this morning and gained a little over a pound and according to the form, she shrank about 1/8 an inch though…LOL! She is 41 3/8 inches tall and 32 pounds at 4.66 years old now. What a midget! She is healthy and spunky though, so we’re not concerned in the least. My only hang up is the fact that she is soon to outgrow the harness on her carseat which means I will have to use the booster portion. I was really hoping to wait till she was 40 pounds first but I may not have a choice:-(.

Anyways, I just thought I would pop in here and say hi. I only have about 35 minutes left on my battery so I’d better get everything wrapped up.

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  1. I love your layouts!! The swirls on the family one are really cool!!

    I have a question — now that you are on a laptop do you use a mouse or the little pointer thingy that is on the laptop? Cause I can’t imagine doing layouts with that pointer pad or little nub. :)

    PS. I got a new toy last night too!!


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