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Why is it that normally my days fly but when I am waiting on something they seem to drag so?!? Darn Murphy again I guess:-). My laptop is set to be delivered today and I can’t wait. I have already put diner in the crockpot, put up all the laundry, answered several emails that should have been answered days ago and now I am bored. Anyone have anything for me to do?? Jacey is enthralled in her new computer game, so I don’t even have her to bug me right now!

Anyway, here is a LO I completed last night for a challenge on thedigichick.

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  1. I hate days like that too! I had a day like that on Monday waiting for my computer. You could always come help me pack for my move. ;)

  2. I completely understand waiting!! The day my laptop was due to arrive, i literally jumped up everytime i thought the UPS might be at my door LOL

  3. Okay, I think you may have created a monster. I have tried to get into scrapping before – but never really could sit and truly *enjoy* it. I guess I enjoyed spending time on the computer much more – and loved the “digital world”, experimenting with photos and websites and things of that nature. So, reading through your blog, I decided to take a peek at just what these digital designers had to offer. Before jumping in and buying anything, I found a couple freebies, and decided to play with those. I did my very first layout, and while it may not be something spectacular, I think I may have found a new hobby!!! Thank you! And to take a peek at what I came up with …. it can be found here:


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