bye, bye paper….

Well, I said that if I hadn’t touched my paper stuff in 6 months I would get rid of the rest….so, ebay here I come…LOL!! I {heart} digital and DO NOT miss paper at all! I am getting so much more done digitally and the clean up is so simple…no more hours staring at something because I drug it all out and want to show something for all of that work!

I am keeping basic things like scissors, black ink pad, adhesive, white cardstock, etc since I can use it in digital BUT everything else is going!



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  1. I’m about to do the SAME THING! lol I’ve only been digi about three months now, and I wonder if I’ll miss my paper if I get rid of it. On the other hand I have a long list of {not cheap} digital toys, so the money would be nice… ;)

    Nice to meet another digi in this neck of the woods!


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