So I’ve been drivingÂ? my own vehicle for what, 10 years now and in those 10 years have never had a tire blow out, pick up a nail, go flat…anything. Well, less than a month ago, we noticed one of my tires getting low..went and put some air in it and a few days later it was low again. So, Bryan throughly checked it and there was a nail in it. Bryan fixed it and I was on my way again. Then, last night we come out of Chili’s to another low tire…this time a different one. Bryan looked at it and found a screw in this one! Argh…good thing I didn’t have anywhere I had to go today till 4pm, since he wouldn’t be able to fix it till this afternoon but it is frustrating. In 10 years, nada and then all of a sudden 2 in less than a month. On tires that only have 13,000 miles at that!


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