so I’ve…

Been quiet lately, not a lot to talk about. No jumping up and down for joy events and nothing to vent about, life is calm and good. What more can I ask for:-).

Had my therapy appointment today, as is the norm on most Wednesday’s. My doctor is strange, let me tell you but I do usually have a few good laughs and come to a few new realizations while I am in there. If anything, it is an hour to get away and just talk about me and what I feel is pertinent at the moment. Today we discussed some more of my abandonment issues and my possible request for gastric bypass surgery. We also discussed how Bryan was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me (although considering he has yet another xbox sitting in his lap right now, I am not quite so sure..LOL:-).

I am very blessed by what God has given me and life is good…..

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