I went to a crop Friday night with friends and while I had a great time, I simply cannot find my creativity that ran off about a year ago. I did do two layouts but really don’t like either one of them. I just feel so blah about scrapbooking now and that about kills me since I used to like 95% of what I created and felt good doing it. Now I just sit here and stare at all this money (supplies) that I feel is going to waste since I am not producing anything much anymore.

I shared my feelings on my scrapbooking list and the ladies there always do a good job trying to make me feel better…normally, it works since I know they wouldn’t lie to me but this time it isn’t. I am just frustrated beyond belief.

So, I cancelled my K ‘n’ K club membership and am going to try going digital for a month and see if that helps me. I spend enough time on the computer anyway, maybe I can get some inspiration back by going digital. Who knows but we shall see…..if it works, I may be a permanent digital convert. At least then, the cost is not so extreme, items are reusable and I can still go to crops with my friends, just take the laptop instead of tons of supplies.

We shall see….anyway, here are the two layouts I did get done Friday though, if anyone is interested.

Just a few of my favorite things:-)

My husband would kill me if he knew I put this up here, but the cute little blonde in the picture above is him…LOL….can we say blackmail :-)

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  1. So first off how much money can I get from your hubby now that I know it is him? :)

    I am so sorry that you are going through a slump. But I didn’t lie on the list! I love your layouts!! I think taking a break is a great idea, do some digital stuff and see if it helps your creativity. It may just be that you are evolving again and digital is your new thing.

    {{BIG HUGS}}

    PS> have you seen the preview of the latest RAKscraps kits? It is all baby (pinks and blues) just FYI!


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