because Jen said so:-)

I’m doing this, only because Jen said to:-)

Four jobs you’ve had:
customer service manager
swim instructor
aquatics director

Four Movies you’d watch over and over:
Top Gun
City of Angels
My Fair Lady
Sound of Music

Four places you’ve lived:
Fort Walton Beach, FL
Thetford, UK
Abilene, TX
Houston, TX

Four favorite TV Shows:
The Biggest Loser
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
American Idol
CSI (the original one)

Four places you’ve vacationed:
Paris, France
Los Angeles (Disneyland), CA
Panama City, FL
Las Vegas, NV

Four Websites you visit daily:
blogger (all my friends blogs)
fox news
during the summer, national hurricane center

Four favorite foods:
spinach enchiladas
brocoli and cheese sauce

Four places you’d rather be right now:
at a day spa
on a cruise

Four most used scrapbook embellishments:
oh, you mean I am supposed to use them, not just store them:-)

2 Responses

  1. I have actually used that on my son now so does that make me old. I have actually told my son “because I am the mommy and I say so!”

    Well you may live some 2000 odd miles away from me but I am glad that someone is listening to me! :)


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