I saw this on a friend’s blog and thought it would be cool to do….idea is to say as many things about yourself as you are years old.

Here goes…

1. I am Christian.
2. I am totally in love.
3. I am overweight and hate it.
4. I am a Jack (or maybe I shoudl say Jill:-) of all trades.
5. I like to get dolled up and go out.
6. I am just as happy to get my hands dirty.
7. I have one little girl.
8. I am bipolar.
9. I hate when people feel they can judge me because I am bipolar or don’t allow me to have normal highs and lows, instead always asking if I took my meds.
10. I am an internet junkie.
11. I love to scrapbook…traditionally and now digitally.
12. I am a neat freak.
13. I am a homebody.
14. I am an adreneline junkie.
15. I am shy.
16. I have low self-esteem.
17. I am working on that.
18. I miss being overseas.
19. I don’t however miss the drama.
20. I am a non-conformist.
21. I don’t fit in with many military wives because of that.
22. I get along with guys better than girls.
23. I have a tongue piercing and a tattoo.
24. I like quiet.
25. I am tired.

One Comment

  1. Jen :)

    Hey you and me could be long lost twins!! We have so many things similar. Like addicted to the interent and not fitting in with most other military wives. :)

    Love your banner!!