I saw this on a friend’s blog and thought it would be cool to do….idea is to say as many things about yourself as you are years old.

Here goes…

1. I am Christian.
2. I am totally in love.
3. I am overweight and hate it.
4. I am a Jack (or maybe I shoudl say Jill:-) of all trades.
5. I like to get dolled up and go out.
6. I am just as happy to get my hands dirty.
7. I have one little girl.
8. I am bipolar.
9. I hate when people feel they can judge me because I am bipolar or don’t allow me to have normal highs and lows, instead always asking if I took my meds.
10. I am an internet junkie.
11. I love to scrapbook…traditionally and now digitally.
12. I am a neat freak.
13. I am a homebody.
14. I am an adreneline junkie.
15. I am shy.
16. I have low self-esteem.
17. I am working on that.
18. I miss being overseas.
19. I don’t however miss the drama.
20. I am a non-conformist.
21. I don’t fit in with many military wives because of that.
22. I get along with guys better than girls.
23. I have a tongue piercing and a tattoo.
24. I like quiet.
25. I am tired.

One Response

  1. Hey you and me could be long lost twins!! We have so many things similar. Like addicted to the interent and not fitting in with most other military wives. :)

    Love your banner!!


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