Don’t I feel like a goof….

Well, someone decided to alert me today to the fact that I am not 25, I am 26…LOL! What a goof I am:-) So, here is another to add to my list.

26. I am losing my mind:-)

Anyway, since so many of you have asked, Bryan got me an iPod interface cable for my truck….it’s so cool to be able to listen to it in the truck now without messing with that darn itrip thingy that never seemed to work:-)

One Response

  1. That sounds pretty cool. I didn’t even notice the age thing. I must be getting senile already. Are you all coming to Tejas any time soon? p.s.-got the Christmas card :-) It’s a 50/50 shot whether I actually get ours mailed out. Right now I’m thinking not. Guess I could always just email them! (they are digital ones I made myself!)


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