Grateful Friday

1. Bryan let me have one of my Christmas gifts early and even installed it in the truck for me last night

2. I ordered a new pair of contacts today…hopefully these will work out better

3. Jacey actually slept till 9:00am today (normally she is my little alarm clock at 10 till 8:00am everyday and I am so not a morning person)

4. That even though, I was initially against psychotherapy (it was either that or meds and I don’t want to have to take meds unless absolutely necessary), I truly feel that it is helping me….it’s amazing how many things from my life that I thought had long since been forgiven and forgotten are still affecting me today….she’s also helping me accept my dad’s death and realize that there was nothing more I could do given the situation

5. an insurance refund check – unexpected income is always nice:-)

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