strong with PURPOSE

a challenge (or two)

So, is anyone up for a couple of challenges? Fitness challenges that is? I am starting the one hundred push ups and two hundred sit ups challenge. I have finally decided that I AM going to be able to keep up with Bryan’s pt requirements for the military and while I have no issues with […]



You know that knee tweaking I talked about in my last post?! Yeah, it is still here and the consensus is that is is probably IT Band times :(. The best solution is to stay off of it, ice it and take anti-inflammatories (like I have time to stay off of it being a […]


Tuesday Tidbits

Can you believe it is already September, where has this year gone?! Before you know it, it will be Christmas and then 2010…sigh. I had an appointment with my PCM yesterday for a few skin issues. I just love her to pieces. She put me back on Yaz and we are going to also try […]