a challenge (or two)

So, is anyone up for a couple of challenges? Fitness challenges that is?

I am starting the one hundred push ups and two hundred sit ups challenge. I have finally decided that I AM going to be able to keep up with Bryan’s pt requirements for the military and while I have no issues with the run, I cannot do push ups or sit ups to save my life.My endurance is strong, but my core strength sucks. I can do plank into upward facing dog in yoga but can’t come back up on a push up. Pitiful really ;).

So, today I did the initial test. 4 sit ups and 3 push ups. Those numbers are so bad, I shouldn’t even admit to them but alas, I am not going to improve by hiding behind my weaknesses. I plan to do the actual program on M-W-F, starting Monday. I even downloaded the iPhone apps for both programs, so I have an easy way to track that is always with me no matter where I am (since I won’t finish the program before we move). As I get going, I will post my progresses sporadically to keep myself accountable. Help me out there too though…okay?!


2 Responses

  1. I *so* would, but my back is damaged to the point of where I can’t do either. I can do crunches like nobody’s business, but can’t complete a single sit up. BOO.

  2. Count me in. My days will be T-Th-Sa since those are my “weight days” & M-W-F are my C25k days. I’ll do the test this afternoon so I know where to start. :)


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