UPDATED: Team Lacey | #operation5KbeforeCHEMO | The Color Run 2014 | Las Vegas, NV


I did it! I decided on which 5k to do for my #operation5KbeforeCHEMO and created a team.

Now, get off your hineys and come run WITH me! Help me celebrate life, strength, perseverance and the fact that I am going to kick cancers ass at The Happiest 5k on the Planet! And yes, I will be wearing a tutu, the gaudier the better.


Who: All the cool kids that want to be on Team Lacey | #operation5KbeforeCHEMO
When: 02.22.2014 @ 0900
Where: Downtown Vegas, Baby!
Cost: Team Members $35.00 per person | $40.00 per person after 12.05.2013 (keep on reading and I might just save you another $5.00)



Doesn’t that sound fab?!

So, are you in? If so, head over here and register for my team!

Register for Team Lacey | #operation5KbeforeCHEMO or if you have already registered, you can join my team here. And just to prove how great I am, use coupon code COLOR5OFF to save $5.00 (I cannot be held responsible though, if you lollygag and it doesn’t work).

And, if you’d like to show some more spirit, we will be wearing tutus and these.



Click here and head over to Zazzle if you’d like your very own.


Happy Fluffy Tutu


**All images were found via the Googles and The Color Run website. I lay no claim to any image included.**


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