Tuesday Tidbits

  • Can you believe it is already September, where has this year gone?! Before you know it, it will be Christmas and then 2010…sigh.
  • I had an appointment with my PCM yesterday for a few skin issues. I just love her to pieces. She put me back on Yaz and we are going to also try Retin-A cream while I wait for an appointment with a dermatologist for my recent crazy outbreak of acne. She also took a look at my extra tummy (aka saggy skin) and definitely sees an issue. Even though TRICARE is horrible about covering any procedures, she put in for a consult with plastics regardless. They may deny it but at least we have started documenting the issue. At this point, I’d just be happy for them to take that skin and not do a full tummy tuck…the flapping when I am running is getting really old (and painful).
  • I finally got my oncology appt made but it isn’t till the end of September. I kinda wish it was earlier but what do you do. Appointment availability is slim pickings at a military hospital with specialists. I am so tired lately and forgetting everything which is so not me. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the leukemia or if it is just stress but I would still like her opinion.
  • My office is finally done, minus the wall prints and those are ordered and on their way. I love it and will be sure to share pics once it is done.
  • My house is a disaster zone and it is totally making me crazy. We never seems to have to time to stop and really clean it though. We were going to do it Thursday but now, Jacey has a trial theatre class that night.
  • And speaking of Jacey, so far the writing sentences is appearing to work. She’s even admitting to playing around when she is supposed to be showering and getting dressed. Let’s pray it continues its effect.
  • We are also trying to figure out what extracurricular activities to let her do this year. She is interested in baton twirling. One group only has Wednesday evening practices for beginners and I am not willing to let her miss church on Wednesday nights. Luckily our CLC attached to my work offers them as well and I get a 50% staff discount, so I think we will let her try it out there. I am pushing the theatre class because I think it would be a really good fit. I hope she likes the trial class, but if not I won’t make her. I am only going to allow her 1-2 activities though, otherwise it gets to be too much on her and I. Not enough down time and too much travel/practice time. She expressed interest in Girl Scouts last year but I haven’t seen anything about that yet this year.
  • This weekend is a 4 day weekend for both Bryan and I (only 3 day for Jacey) and it CAN NOT get here soon enough. I think Bry and I are going to go kayaking Friday and then we have our canoe trip down the Blackwater on Monday. We are also contemplating the Greek Festival since we love Greek food. Maybe, maybe not. I want the weekend to be fun and relaxing at the same time.
  • AT&T is so not on my good side again. Remember me complaining about no data a month or so ago? Well the issue was only temporarily fixed and it back with a vengeance now. I can’t even get GPRS here in Niceville, which means no internet on my phone (what is the use of an iPhone without it), my visual voicemail doesn’t work and my texts are slower than molasses. They need to get this issue fixed SOON and credit my account. $60 a month on data we aren’t getting is a lot of wasted money.
  • Anyway, enough rambling. My blizzard just arrived and is calling my name (hey, I went to the gym today, so I can eat it guilt free :).

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  1. Wow, I love your site and your photos. I hope things sort out. The tummy skin is a pain – I’m not running but I’m aware of it and kinda embarassed by it – I find I’m shielding it from view so hubby doesn’t see it in the light!!


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