Since I got my fill yesterday, I am going to jump back on track and get these last 20 pounds off. To do that, I must make some changes, so I am going to put them out there and I need YOUR help to keep me accountable.

Go off the Yaz. It is not helping my skin (which is why I started taking it again), nor my kooky cycles and instead is causing TONS of side effects (too many to list here). Let’s just say it did not do this to me when I took it last year but it will never again be in my body after I finish the pack Saturday. Bry has had the big “V”, so I don’t need it for the designed purpose anyway and they can figure something else out for the skin.

Eat my protein first. Easy enough.

Hit the gym or go running at least 3-4x a week. Not this 2 maybe 3 if I am lucky, like I have been doing the last few months.

Only eat ice cream when I am out. No more buying it for the house. I can’t ban it, I like it too much but I can’t have it in the house either because then I have no control.

I figure, that is a good start. It worked before when I was losing steadily, so there is no reason why it won’t again.

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  1. You’ll make it, Lacey! I am with you on the ice cream plan!! Some things you just can’t have that accessible. :) I have been saying I am going to get back on the exercise ‘tomorrow’ for about 2 weeks now…… :(

  2. Ice cream is my downfall, too. I eat it all the time! At this point, I’m not gonna fight it, I’ll just keep eating it.

  3. You can do it! The only ice cream I keep in the house is strawberry for Phillip (ICK) and doggie ice cream for Emma (double ICK)…

  4. I am sure that you can do it Lacey!! Honestly it will keep me in check too. I tell ya since hiring the personal trainer {I stopped using her in September} it’s been hard to get back on track. Working out with her has made it so I hate exercising, seriously! Never before has this happened to me, I love it because it relieves stress. But I have found it hard since I kicked her to the curb to get back into it. But.. I’ve been at it for 2 weeks now, and even though I didn’t do 5 days I did make it there, 3 last week and 4 this week! :)

    It’s a mind over matter thing and from what I can see and the little that I know of you, you can do this! :) While I am praying and holding you accountable, please do so for me too. I keep getting the word sustain from God. Sustain. So I ask for that daily to get me through the day when I want to be lazy and eat something easy or actually make something healthy and sustain me when I “think” I need something I don’t! :)


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