Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I learned (or was reminded of) tonight.

1. Carnivals/fairs/festivals are expensive.

2. Carnival ride operators are a little on the strange side.

3. I still can’t handle any ride that goes around in a circle similar to a merry-go-round.

4. They make me really hot and nauseous.

5. Bryan can’t either, as was evidenced by him leaving his dinner in the grass.

6. Jacey on the other hand, has no fear nor queasiness issues.

7. Carnivals are no fun without funnel cake.

8. I live in redneck central. Texas has NOTHING on this place!

9. Point & shoot’s are horrible for taking pics of moving objects but I was too lazy to lug my dSLR.

10. I am getting really good though at taking self portraits of the 3 of us with the p&s and iphone.

11. Carnival rides look a little shady. You just get on and pray.

12. Miss Mullet Fest screams a LOT on the “scary” rides.

13. I am getting too old for this stuff :).

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