Tuesday Tidbits

  • Sigh. Today I had my doc appt with my surgeon. I went into it knowing I had gained a few pounds, just not sure how much by his scale. 3.6 lbs. Oy. As I sat there waiting for him to come in, I felt like I was back in first grade sitting outside the dean’s office waiting to see him because I hit a girl in the face with a tetherball (I say if she wasn’t smart enough to duck, she deserved it). He actually didn’t say anything specifically about my gain and I didn’t have the heart to tell him it wasn’t in the last 2 months (since the last time I saw him) it was more like in the last 2 weeks. He just asked me how I was doing, any vomiting, anything getting stuck. Then said to get up on the table for a fill. I was expecting a 0.5cc fill but instead he did a full 1cc. He really thinks my being “overfilled” last November was really just the start of my gallbladder issues and not truly being overfilled. He wants me to stay on liquids for 7 days this time but I’m pretty sure I won’t make that…LOL! 3 always, 5 would probably be pushing it. He does expect me to really feel this fill though and I foresee a whole learning curve with eating again like when I first got the band. Lately, I can eat anything and everything, with bites as big as I want and nothing causes any issues except bananas. I need this final push though, I have less than 20 pounds to goal weight and although I am not going to make that by my 30th birthday as originally planned (October 29th), I WILL make it before the end of the year!
  • Can I just brag on Quality Suzuki right now. Their service department is WORLDS above anything we have ever dealt with, especially Preston Hood Chevrolet, our nightmare dealership that basically finalized our decision to NEVER buy GM again. They had us in and out today in barely over an hour…amazing.
  • So, Jacey’s 8th birthday is coming up in less than 3 weeks and all I have done is ordered the Hannah Montana movie and made dinner reservations. I am really slacking this year. She wanted a party but we talked her into just inviting 2 of her friends for a Destin adventure (Build a Bear, The Track, etc) and a sleepover. Have I sent the invitations out yet? No, of course not. Must do by Saturday…sigh. I think we have decided on the rest of her presents though, Wii Fit Plus and hip hop dancing lessons. Not as much as I normally get her, but what do you get the child that needs nothing and “wants” even less. The only thing even on her Christmas list is a skateboard (why, I have NO clue).
  • This whole retraining stuff with Bryan is driving me CRAZY (said with my best Robert Muncsh impression). It’s not him or the thought of retraining (I am at peace with it), but AFPC, Force Health and heck, the Pentagon at this point. It seems that no one knows just exactly what flight physical he needs. By the time we get through all this, he’ll likely have a class III, class II and possibly even a class I…LOL!
  • Oh, project 365…yes, I am slacking. I am SO ready for it to be over. I know I will enjoy looking through it in later years, but right now it is becoming a bit of a hassle. Less than 20 more days!


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