#operation5KbeforeCHEMO has commenced

By the time you read this, I should be in the middle of run 2. Gotta love the ability to schedule posts!

A few weeks ago, I made up my mind that I WOULD run again and set a goal to run a 5k before I had to start chemo. No, we don’t know when that will be, only soon. Most likely sometime next year. In the last few crazy weeks, I focused on just getting back in the gym and not running yet. This past Friday, that changed.

Operation 5K before Chemo officially commenced.



I decided to go right after I dropped Jacey off at the bus. It was cold and I could have easily went home and went back to sleep in my warm bed, but I didn’t.

The run sucked. I’ll be honest. The cold, dry air made my lungs feel like they were on fire but I kept going. What some may know is that I was a runner from 2008 to 2011. I was even in the midst of training for a half-mary when life got hard(er). My bone pain intensified and my fatigue got even worse. In my mind, I am still a runner, so it was disappointing to get out there and feel like dying on very short run intervals. My goal was 40 minutes of intervals and I ended up with 43.

Go Lacey! Slow or not, you hit your first goal.

Click to follow my progress on Runkeeper.

My plan is 3x a week, slowly increasing my run intervals each week until I know how my body is going to react. I’m just kind of doing my own plan this time around (I used C25k before) because I need to be able to tailor it to my fatigue and pain level.

I can say though, that watching the sun rise each time around the park sure was pretty. Almost pretty enough to get me to go again at o’dark-thirty.



Of course, I couldn’t come out completely injury free because I forgot to reach back into the recesses of my mind before I headed out. I pulled the big rookie mistake of not double socking. So, these are my new best friends for the next couple of weeks.



And I get to go shoe shopping because I have no clue how many miles my current pair have on them.


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