Wives of Faith: Christmas Blog Carnival 2011- Day 5

Today is the last day! Come join us (click the graphic for details)! It isn’t too late!


Day 5: You Might Be a Military Spouse at Christmas If . . .


…..your Christmas card list includes 12 states and 4 countries.

…..you go to set up your Christmas tree only to discover somehow, half your tree was left at the last base (true story:).

…..your tree has ornaments from around the world “literally”.

…..you have a yellow ribbon instead of an angel up top.

…..your tree stays up for 5 months until you can celebrate with your spouse.

…..you wear shorts one year and snowsuits the next.

…..you make enough cookies to feed a small army…and do.

…..you have strangers at your table and never bat an eye.

…..you have the computer out and Skype open on Christmas morning, so your spouse/family/friends can participate in the opening of presents.

…..your tree skirt is camo.

…..you know what is truly important. It is not the gifts, but love, family, friends and faith.

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