WoF Christmas Blog Carnival: Day 5: December 10



Dec. 10: What Christmas means to me.

Christmas is a hard holiday for me. Growing up, bouncing between families houses (my parents were divorced), the resulting disagreements between who would get me when, where they would pick me up and who was fulfilling my wishlist, took most of the joy out of it. My Mom tried her hardest to keep it calm and normal for me, but with a “father” like mine it was impossible.

So, needless to say I don’t focus on the childish wonder of Santa and the materialism of the holiday. I try to focus on the birth of Jesus and the unconditional love that he brought to all of us. Christmas means forgiveness, love and charity. A season to pull ourselves out of our selfishness and live like we should be year round. Helping those in need and loving those around us.


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  1. Visiting from WoF and catching up on your Blog Carnival posts. You are right – Christmas is about forgiveness, love and charity!
    I LOVE your website and the rotating pictures – beautiful! Look forward to getting to know you through WoF!


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