WoF Christmas Blog Carnival: Day 4: December 9



Dec. 9: Write your own “Grown-Up Christmas List” (taken from Amy Grant’s song of the same title)


This required a little bit of thought on my end. When you say Christmas list, your first thought is almost always going to be something material, but that is not the point here.


1. I wish that all our troops, around the world could spend the holiday’s at home with their families.

2. I wish there was a cure for cancer, so no one else would ever have to hear those words and I wouldn’t have to contemplate my own mortality at 31.

3. That each person would know God’s love.

4. I wish war didn’t exist.

5. I wish families could just “get along”.



One Response

  1. I totally would write the same list. I wish my hubby was going to be home for Christmas.

    I hope you guys enjoy your first Christmas in your new home. :)


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